Are Far Infrared Heating Pads Safe?

Far infrared heating pads are an increasingly popular technology. In simple words, it is radiant heating. This type of radiation has some unique heating properties. As soon as Far infrared heat touches any surfaces, it releases heat in a gentle way. 

We all know that heat can be a great way to relieve pain. Many people use heating pads as a way of alleviating muscle aches and joint pains as well as arthritis and fibromyalgia. Nowadays, Far infrared heating pads are widely used as a better option than regular heating pads. They work by simply applying the targeted heat to affected areas. 

Far infrared heating pads have a number of benefits. A common issue people faced with regular heating pads is they don’t last very long. Even after you turn them off, Far infrared heating pads keep you heated for 4-6 hours.

Plus, they also produce high amounts of EMF radiation. Research indicates that exposure to electromagnetic fields is harmful to humans. 

You must be wondering if Far infrared heating pads are safe for use? Do they also emit EMF radiations? Let’s find out.

Are Far Infrared Heating Pads Safe?

Infrared has been found to be 100% safe for humans. In fact, humans normally absorb and emit electromagnetic field radiation too. Far infrared heating pads are considered safe also because they do not emit ultra-violet. Ultra-voilet rays are considered harmful as they have higher energy levels on the electromagnetic spectrum. So, it is natural for our bodies as they can accept the infrared. In fact, it feels like the same heat as you would feel on a warm, sunny day. 

Numerous investigations by The International Commission for Non-Ionising Radiation Protection (ICNIRP), investigated the health effects of different types of infrared. It was concluded by the ICNIRP that the “contribution made by the IR-C spectral region 3-1000µ is normally of no practical concern from a health hazard standpoint” when it comes to sources of Far Infrared.

What about EMF? Well, it has been found that Far infrared heating also contains the lowest category of EMf levels. These are also considered much safer than regular heating pads.

The National Institute of Health (NIH) have tested the effectiveness of using Far Infrared heating pads especially in medical applications. They also found them to be safe and extremely beneficial in many medical conditions. The FDA in the United States has also approved it as a safe treatment technique.

Patients can safely use the Far Infrared Heating pads even at home by themselves with no worries. There is no risk of burns or injury. Plus, these pads also don’t have the usual side-effects that come with most medications. The light energy transmitted by the heating pad is completely safe and there is no risk for the eyes.

However, you should be careful in certain circumstances such as when you are sleeping. Using the infrared heating pad for a prolonged time can be dangerous due to the risk of electric malfunction or fire. It is best to use this pad for a limited time period and not while you are asleep.