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TENS Unit Guide

TENS Unit Dry Needling

TENS Unit vs. Dry Needling: What’s the Difference?

If you’re asking this question, you’re probably suffering from pain, and you’re looking for an alternative to drug therapies. Both TENS and dry needling have been around for a while, and when choosing between them, it’s essential to know how they differ. So, between TENS units vs. dry needling: what’s the difference? A TENS Unit […]

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TENS unit while sleeping

Can You Use A TENS Unit While Sleeping?

TENS units are helpful for pain. As many people experience pain while they’re in bed, you might be interested in using a TENS while sleeping.  So, can you use a TENS unit while sleeping? You can, but only if you set a timer. TENS units shouldn’t be used for more than 20 minutes in the […]

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How To Use A TENS Unit For Lower Back Pain

If you are experiencing pain in your upper back and have a TENS unit then keep reading to find out the correct placement of the electrode pads.  TENS units provide instant pain relief and when used properly are a great medication free way of managing upper back pain. TENS Unit Placement For Upper Back Pain […]

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Does A TENS Unit Relax Muscles?

Having tense muscles and wondering if using a TENS unit will relax them? TENS unit are safe and effective and approved by the FDA. Keep reading to find out how you can use can use a TENS unit to relax your muscles. TENS unit devices can help relax muscles by delivering a subtle electric pulse […]

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tens unit placement for herniated disc

Is Your TENS Unit Causing Muscle Spasms?

Just started using a TENS unit and noticed that it is causing muscle spasms? TENS therapy is becoming an increasingly popular drug free method to reduce your everyday aches and pains of daily life.  If you are experiencing muscle spasms while using a TENS unit your missing out the benefits it can provide. Well, this […]

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tens unit for upper back pain

7 Reasons Why You Should Use A TENS Unit For Back Pain

TENS units are gaining in popularity everyday and people are realizing the effectiveness of them to treat aches and pains.  I could have easily of written 100 reasons why you should use a TENS unit for back pain but decided to narrow it down to the 7 most important. I’m a huge proponent of finding […]

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How to set up a TENS unit

How To Set Up A TENS unit

So you probably just got your TENS unit and open the box and think to yourself- How do I set this up? How do I use it? & Where can I place a TENS unit electrode pad? Well in this post I will answer all your questions and more about: How to set up a […]

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Can I use a tens unit if I'm pregnant

Can You Use A TENS Unit While Pregnant?

If you are planing on a natural childbirth you may be asking- Can I use a TENS unit while pregnant? Everyone has pain at some point, whether due to stress, strain or injury. Pregnant women are far from alone in this since we all experience muscles, tendon and ligament pain when we over-exercise, are in […]

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