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Stop Herniated Disc Pain with the right TENS Unit Placement




TENS unit placement for herniated disc

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Have radiating pain in your lower back and legs that feels like an electric shock when you are walking, standing or even sitting?  Then keep reading so you can find out the correct placement of a TENS unit pad and take the first step towards relieving the pain of your herniated disc.

TENS Unit Placement for a Herniated Disc

The placement of the TENS unit electrode pad is important.  You want to pay attention to where the pain is radiating from and generally place the pads in a square pattern along your  spine.  Check out the picture to get an idea of where to put the pads.

tens unit placement for herniated disc

As you can see you want to put the pads about a couple of inches from each other.

The idea is to surround the pain points.   Once you get the pads where they need to be it can be trial and error to get the right intensity along with setting.

Important note:  NEVER EVER place TENS unit electrode pads directly over your spinal cord.  Oh, and while you are reading this never place them over your heart, eyes, mouth either.  Common sense here is the name of the game.  Always use a TENS unit as directed and you will experience a reduction in pain and discomfort.

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