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tens unit plantar fasciitis

Use This TENS Placement For Plantar Fasciitis

If you are dealing with pain associated with plantar fasciitis using a TENS unit to can alleviate and reduce the aches and pains. Recently I aggravated my plantar fasciitis. I was doing weighted calf raises in the gym and went a little bit overboard. The next day I felt a sharp pain in the bottom […]

TENS unit Knee Pain

How To Use A TENS Unit For Knee Pain (Detailed Guide w/pics)

Using a TENS unit correctly placed has been shown to be an effective form of pain management for knee pain. The good part is that a TENS unit is a great substitute for over the counter and/or prescribed pain medications. Using a TENS Unit for Knee Pain You want to place one TENS pad where […]

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Can You Do Shockwave Therapy at Home?

Can You Do Shockwave Therapy at Home?

Blood flow is the leading factor behind erectile dysfunction and while there are pills like Cialis and Viagra, there hasn’t been much in the way of home remedies to deal with the problem and potentially improve it. Shockwave therapy isn’t necessarily new and it’s offered at clinics all over the world but can it be […]

Phoenix Pro For ED Cost

Phoenix Pro Device For ED Cost: Is it Worth it?

Over the last few years, acoustic wave therapy has gained a lot of ground when it comes to erectile dysfunction. Gaining ground both in terms of acceptance at the clinical level and popularity from the men who use it. The new Phoenix Pro is an acoustic wave therapy device designed to break even new barriers […]

Does The Phoenix ED Device for Venous Leak Work?

Does The Phoenix ED Device for Venous Leak Work?

If you suffer from venous leak and are tired of taking medications with horrible side effects, have you considered The Phoenix ED Device? Shockwave therapy for erectile dysfunction is not new and has been around for years. What makes The Phoenix different is that you get this same level of acoustic wave therapy for erectile […]

Portable Shockwave Therapy Machine for ED

The Phoenix ED Device Reviews Reddit

When it comes to blood flow as we get older we gradually lose it and make getting an erection more difficult. The Phoenix ED device is the solution to increasing blood flow and circulation to your penis. It’s proven to drastically lessen the symptoms of erectile dysfunction. The Phoenix is the first home-use therapy device specifically made […]

iReliev Coupon Code (10% Off)

iReliev Coupon Code (10% Off)

Save 10% off any purchase from iReliev today! iReliev is a USA based company specializing in TENS Therapy, massage gun and heating pads. Their products are high quality and backed by a 2 year warranty. Click the button below to get 10% off today! How To Get 10% Off iReliev It’s super simple to get […]

Best TENS Unit under $50

Best TENS Unit Under $50- Auvon TENS & EMS

With so many TENS unit devices on the market is it possible to buy one under $50? We have reviewed dozens of TENS units over the years and we believe we found the best one under $50. The Auvon TENS EMS delivers insane value and you will be hard pressed to find another quality device […]