Acoustic Wave Therapy for ED at Home: Does it Work?




Acoustic Wave Therapy For ED At Home

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Shockwave therapy has become an increasingly popular treatment method for erectile dysfunction. Some patients who struggle with erectile dysfunction have felt like other treatments, such as Viagra, are not as effective and that shockwave therapy has better results.

However, professional shockwave therapy for ED can be expensive and require multiple treatment sessions, which can cost up to $6,000. This has caused some patients to perform shockwave therapy on themselves in the comfort of their own home.

Can You Do Acoustic Wave Therapy For ED At Home?

Absolutely! It is easy for patients to perform shockwave therapy for erectile dysfunction at home. The technology behind shockwave therapy can be utilized in the comfort and privacy of a patient’s home. Doing treatment for erectile dysfunction at home can also be more cost effective.
Since this form of treatment for erectile dysfunction is non invasive and virtually pain free, its possible for a patient to treat and monitor their improvement and health at home.

Is It Safe To Do Shockwave Therapy On Yourself?

Generally speaking, it is safe to do shockwave therapy for ED on yourself at home. However, not all shockwave therapy machines are equally effective when it comes to treating erectile dysfunction.
The quality and effectiveness of treatment may also vary with each device. If you are not fully sure about buying a home device, it is best to do research ahead of time or consult with your doctor before making a purchase.

Pros and Cons of Using Shock Wave Therapy Machines for ED at Home

Much like many other medical problems, there is no one perfect answer when it comes to treating ED. The use of a home treatment device comes with its own set of benefits and downsides, which are highlighted below.

Pros of Shockwave Therapy ED Treatment at Home

One of the biggest benefits of doing shockwave treatments at home is the price. Professional treatment involves many trips to the doctor for treatment sessions and be very expensive.
If other types of treatment, such as medication, have not worked but a patient cannot afford to go to the clinic for treatment, home therapy may be the best option.

Additionally, going to a clinic for treatment sessions may be difficult to schedule. Most men need anywhere from 6 to 12 sessions of initial treatment for ED. Additional treatments are also necessary to help maintain erectile function. Home therapy for ED means patients can have treatment done on their own schedule.

Cons of Shockwave Therapy ED Treatment at Home

One of the downsides of home treatments is the treatment device itself. There are multiple different types of machines and devices available on the market, but not all of them have the same effective technology as professional devices found in a clinic.
Selecting one of these machines will require extensive research. Although the idea of self treatment sounds simple, another downside is actually operating the device. If not done properly, you could risk causing the machine to break or putting your own health and body in danger.

What is The Cost Of Shockwave Therapy for ED?

An individual professional treatment procedure for ED is typically priced at $500 per session. Home devices will have a different price point depending on the company. However, these devices are a one time purchase and if used properly can be used continuously to at home for treating ED.
Some machines can be paid with a financing plan, which requires a smaller amount of money per month until the device is paid off. These devices may also come with a protection plan, either included in the purchase or available at an additional price, in case the machine breaks or is damaged.

The best way to determine the price of a specific treatment machine is to contact the company with questions. Their website or an agent will be able to provide a more accurate price point for the device you have in mind.

Will Medical Insurance Cover the Price of A Shockwave Therapy Home Device For ED Treatment?

Seeing as how a vast majority of health insurances do not cover professional erectile dysfunction treatments, it is unlikely that they will cover a shockwave therapy device for home use.

How Long Does It Take For Acoustic Wave Therapy To Work?

In a professional setting, it can take as little as 1 to 2 treatment sessions to start seeing changes in sexual performance. Most men need 6 to 12 treatments to see significant improvement. The amount of treatment needed is about the same when treating this medical condition at home.

How Does Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy For Erectile Dysfunction Work?

Many men experience some form of problem with their sexual performance due to erectile dysfunction. The root cause of erectile dysfunction is blood vessels not properly going to the penis during sexual stimulation. The lack of blood flow makes it difficult to get an erection.
Shockwave therapy is specifically designed to help treat ED by using acoustic waves to gently remove micro plaque from inside the penis’ canals. Removing this plague allows blood vessels to enter the penis properly when sexually stimulated.

This treatment also encourages the formation of new blood vessels. These additional blood vessels and increased blood flow makes it easier to get an erection.
Since this treatment uses sound waves, there is no need to penetrate the erectile tissue of the penis or the soft tissue of any other part of the body, unlike some other type of treatment, such as surgery.

What Are Some Causes Of ED?

Causes of ED can range anywhere from stress to other health issues, such as heart disease. Issues like stress can be solved by a change in lifestyle or seeing a therapist. However, more extensive health issues may require you to contact your doctor.

The idea behind using sound waves is to reverse any buildup within the penis that is preventing proper blood flow needed to cause an erection. However, other causes of impotence may not be simply solved with the use of sound waves.

Where Can I Find Professional Shock Wave Therapy ED Treatment?

Professional shockwave therapy for ED can be found all around the world. Ask your doctor about your available options and where to find the best professional treatment near you.

Alternative Home Treatment Options For Erectile Dysfunction

There are many other treatment options for men dealing with impotence. Medications, such as Viagra or Cialis, are popular options. There are also other types of devices that can be used, such as vacuum pumps, to help you get erections.

Bottom Line

Although shockwave therapy can help patients with erections, performing treatment at home can potentially be less effective and difficult to perform than simply going to get professional help. Always consult with a doctor first about your available options and your needs before performing treatment on yourself at home.


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