The Phoenix Review: Does it Really Work for ED?

The Phoenix is a device, not a medication, and it is designed to deal with ED (erectile dysfunction) through the use of shock wave therapy. The device in question is known as the Phoenix Li-ESWT device, and it’s becoming a popular choice amongst those affected by ED.  

The good news is, that several clinical studies, using the Phoenix device, has shown that it is not only a proven erectile dysfunction treatment, but it is also a safe device to use for treating it by repairing existing blood vessels. For the first time ever, men can use The Phoenix in the privacy of their own home without a prescription.

Li-ESWT stands for Low-intensity, extracorporeal shockwave therapy. The Phoenix is the only ‘medical-grade’ shockwave device that you can use at home. All of the other acoustical shockwave devices that you can purchase online are not considered to be medical-grade. 

The Phoenix Review: Does it Really Work for ED?

How Does the Phoenix Device Work for ED?

The device is usually used for anywhere between 90 to 120 days before you begin to see effective results, even though results can start to show up as early as a few weeks. The number of men who see improvement is 85%, so it’s shown, both in real-life scenarios and in numerous clinicals to be an effective device. 

The device uses targeted sound wave therapy that dissolve plaque build-up in existing blood vessels. This improves blood flow by effectively cleaning the blood vessels and creating new blood vessels allowing more blood flow to the penis. 

It also works in much the same way that bodybuilding works. When you lift weights, you cause damage through microscopic tears in the muscles. The body reacts by rushing blood, water, and protein to the tears to rebuild them bigger and stronger than before. 

The Phoenix Review: Does it Really Work for ED?

The device does the same thing but on a different level. It causes what is known as micro-trauma. Now, it sounds like this sort of thing is going to hurt, however, it’s not like bodybuilding in that your muscles are sore when it’s over with. 

But the body reacts in the same way, rushing in to heal the surrounding tissues, developing improved tissues, and also adding on layers of new blood vessels, which will further improve the existing blood flow to the penis.

The Phoenix Review: Does it Really Work for ED?

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Is the Phoenix Device Expensive for ED?

It is in the short-term but the expense of the device is really relative. It costs $879 to purchase a Phoenix machine but its much less expensive then getting shock wave therapy in a clinic of doctors office. 

Special Financing Available

For qualified customers you can finance The Phoenix and 0% for up to 24 months!

Is the Phoenix Device Expensive for ED?

According to the manufacturers of the Phoenix device, it can render over 70, full-strength treatments, and an equivalent treatment process through visiting a clinic can run north of $30,000, which is a significant difference and makes the Phoenix device a much cheaper option. 

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So it’s all about perspective and the Phoenix Li-ESWT is a very affordable alternative to in-clinic treatments, especially since it renders so many treatments before the device needs to be replaced.

You can also look around on the internet and find a number of coupons or coupon codes that will give you large discounts on the Phoenix. So there are ways to minimize the cost. Although the Phoenix is considered to be a medical-grade device, it is not something that you can get prescribed to you, so that insurance will pay for it. 

What’s Included in The Phoenix?

The Phoenix Review: Does it Really Work for ED?
  • The Phoenix device
  • Medical-grade stainless steel tip
  • AC Power Adapter
  • Packet of lubricant
  • Packet of topical numbing cream (if needed)
  • Detailed instructions

What Causes Erectile Dysfunction?

Some of the causes of erectile dysfunction were mentioned above but it’s a matter of two things. The first is that over time, we all develop plaque in our veins, capillaries, and arteries. This plaque is also responsible for things like heart attacks and strokes, so it’s certainly a concern that impacts erectile function. 

Also, it’s simply a matter of getting older. As our bodies age, blood flow to extended areas of our bodies decreases. This is why older people generally complain about feeling cold all of the time. Not only does the skin density decrease, but solid blood flow decreases as well. This device solves this by creating new blood vessels.

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Fortunately, The Phoenix negates and actually reverses some of this, which is why it is such an effective treatment and it’s also why it takes a little time before it starts working properly. The clearing of plaque build-up and the increase in blood flow takes time, after all. 

The GAINSWAVE & Phoenix treatment sets itself apart from many Erectile Dysfunction treatments. It works on reducing blood flow to the spleens. The treatment of these issues is effective for long-term health benefits.

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Does the Phoenix Treatment Cause Pain?

When you think about it, bombarding plaque build-up and causing micro-damage sounds like something that is going to cause, if not a significant amount of pain, some level of soreness. That’s one of the best features of this device. It doesn’t cause immediate or lingering pain as an after effect of the treatment area.

That doesn’t mean that it won’t cause some level of irritation, it simply doesn’t have that kind of effect on most people. The device does come with some lidocaine packets for external pain-numbing but it’s not likely that you will need them. 

It does cause a moderate level of sensation as the device does its work. Some may term this “sensation” uncomfortable. After all, the area that is being targeted is naturally a sensitive area for men. Overall its a painless device to use and you will get accustomed device after the first two treatments.

When I got my first device I bought some packs of 4% lidocaine numbing cream, but I never needed them. Before taking treatment you should ensure your penis is secure and placed properly. Eventually, you will learn to feel the sound of the device and how the penis can be held while you move the device along the shaft of the treatment line. I think there will probably be some learning curves at the start as the procedure will be a bit awkward. However, it became easier to use over time.

How to Operate The Phoenix

It may feel a little awkward, but you have to place the tip of the device on your penis, as in a full level of contact. As you operate the device and it is sending out focused, acoustic shockwaves, you will have to move the device up and down the penis along the 5 treatment area lines. 

Some people only have between 12 and 14 treatments per year, however, the recovery time in between usage is 36 hours. You don’t want to use the device more than twice within the 36-hour period. It will be clearly outlined in the supporting manual that comes with the Phoenix so you will know how often you should use the device. After each treatment the device auto shuts off for 36 hours.

How Many Treatments are Needed for Erectile Dysfunction?

  • 2 treatments per week for 30 days
  • 30 days of rest / recovery
  • (repeat at least once, then as-needed)
  • Each session takes less than 20 minutes

Here is how the treatment protocol works:

Week 1-4– Performing 2 easy treatments per week

Week 4-8 Taking 4 weeks off is crucial to maximizing your results

Week 8-12 Resume treatments 2x weekly

Week 12+ 94% of men report significant improvement

To get the best results possible its recommended that you use a penis pump. You don’t need anything fancy or expensive. Any pump from Amazon will do. Use the pump 1-2 per day in between sessions.

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What is The Phoenix Device? Can it Help Guys Like You?

Phoenix is the world’s only acoustic wave therapy device for home use. This is patented across every continent with the same FDA registration that has been applied to the same devices for the past 10 years in clinics.

People are currently able to restore the pulmonary circulation to improve the performance in the bedroom. Almost all men report a slight improvement in symptoms after a single session, with almost 94% getting more significant relief within 90-120 days from repeated treatment. Bottom line it improves erectile function.

Is Phoenix Really Better than ED Prescription Medications?

Absolutely. Medications for erectile dysfunction such as viagra can help with ED but come with many side effects:

  • headaches
  • stomach pain,
  • upset stomach
  • nausea
  • diarrhea
  • memory problems

The Phoenix is a medication free method of minimizing the symptoms of ED without any of the horrible side effects.

Can I Get a Refund if it Doesn’t Work?

Yes. With The Phoenix, you can try it at home for a full 60 days. During that period, if it’s not for you, return your device for a full refund.

Can It Help Increase Penis Size?

The Phoenix does not increase your penis size but what it does do is improve the blood circulation which makes erections stronger and last longer. This can give the perception that your penis looks bigger.

How Do You Maintain Results?

I maintain my results if I eat healthy food and avoid junk food. I get my hormone tests every year (mostly semi-yearly). My sleeping schedule is consistently 8-9 hours a night to ensure a enough rest and recovery. Finally, I exercise three to four times weekly and remain healthy.

Legal Disclaimer

We are independently owned and the opinions expressed here are our own. We are NOT doctors. We can’t diagnose you. If you need a diagnosis, prognosis or medical advice, go to your doctor.

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Final Thoughts

The Phoenix Li-ESWT is certainly an effective treatment device for erectile dysfunction and it is the only medical-grade device that you can purchase for in-home use. It has been tested in several clinicals and is shown to provide results in 94% of men after 12 weeks. The best part is that there are no side effects.