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Does The Phoenix ED Device for Venous Leak Work?




Does The Phoenix ED Device for Venous Leak Work?

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If you suffer from venous leak and are tired of taking medications with horrible side effects, have you considered The Phoenix ED Device? Shockwave therapy for erectile dysfunction is not new and has been around for years. What makes The Phoenix different is that you get this same level of acoustic wave therapy for erectile dysfunction treatment (venous leak) in the palm of your hand.

The Phoenix Device for Venous Leak

The Phoenix is the first of its kind device to cure venous leak in the privacy of your own home. Improve your sexual performance, increase blood flow to the penis with this affordable home treatment. The Phoenix is proven and 94% of men that use this device report:

  • Ability to get an erection more frequently
  • Increased blood flow to the penis
  • Growth of new blood vessels
  • Reducing or eliminating their erectile dysfunctions symptoms

What is Venous Leak?

Venous leak is a symptom of erectile dysfunction (ED) and this new form of acoustic wave therapy treatment delivers results with respect to sexual performance.

What is Venous Leak

As you can see from the above picture normal blood flow to the penis goes in one direction. with venous leak the blood flow to the penis goes in both directions. This causes poor blood circulation to the penis which prevents you from achieving sustained and strong erections.

Signs and Symptoms of Venous Leakage

  • Difficulty having or maintaining an erection
  • Soft erection and unable to penetrate.
  • Shortening of penis length (Peyronie’s disease)
  • Narrowing of penis length.

What is The Best Treatment for Venous Leakage?

You have two options available to you to address venous leak. At home treatment with The Phoenix Device or acoustic wave treatments in a doctors office. The Phoenix is a fraction of the cost compared to in office treatments.

The Phoenix vs Clinical Acoustic Wave Treatments

The main difference between The Phoenix and treatments in a clinical setting will be the cost. Acoustic wave treatments in an office setting will run you $500 per session. The typical protocol in a doctors office is 6 sessions so the total would be $3000. This does not take into account maintenance visits in the future.

The Phoenix will cost you $879 but as a reader of our site you can save $130 buy using code SECRET130 at checkout.

Is The Phoenix ED Device Effective?

This low intensity shockwave therapy for erectile dysfunction ED treatment is FDA approved and safe to use in the comfort of your own home.

How Do I Use The Phoenix Acoustic Wave Device?

It is recommended to follow Dr. Paul Thompsons 120 day Phoenix Protocol . Dr. Thompson is a urologist and the inventor of The Phoenix. He uses this same device at his practice at the men’s health clinic in Texas on patients there.  

 The Phoenix gathered data via a survey from men who purchased this device and found that 94% of men who complete Dr. Thompsons 120-day protocol experienced the best results and were satisfied with their purchase to maintain results in the future. 

  • 30 days of treatment (2 times a week / 8 total for that month)
  • 30 days of rest (this rest period is when neovascularization starts kicking in for the growth of new blood vessels and nerves)
  • 30 days – re-evaluate your erections. You can do another set of 2 treatments per week (8 total for that month). 
  • ​30 days off – rest. By this point you should be experiencing the full benefits of acoustic wave therapy. If not,  (example: you have severe blood flow issues or health conditions limiting your success) then perform another cycle of treatments as needed.
Protocol for using The Phoenix

For a step by step guide on how to use the Phoenix click here.

Is The Phoenix ED Device Effective for Venous Leak?

Yes. There are a number of clinical studies that show the effectiveness of The Phoenix for ED along with venous leak. Check them out here:

Real Men: How Acoustic Wave Therapy Has Changed Their Lives

Check out real reviews from customers who have used The Phoenix and gotten results.

Very noisy but very effective. Took 2 months to make a real difference so don’t give up, it works. Using the Penis pump as well works. Use it , it makes a difference in length and girth. My girlfriend is very happy and can feel the difference!

Jon G

I have been pumping twice per day and using the Phoenix every 48 hours. Spontaneous erections started around the 4th treatment. Today I finished my 9th treatment and in addition to Viagra like spontaneous erections large and small veins are becoming more pronounced. My plan is to continue the every other day routine for the 28-30 days of treatment and then take a month off. 


Definitely works! Brings back the quality and spontaneity for 15 years ago. The machine is very noisy though so privacy during use can be an issue but worth it!

Roderick J

I am now 6 treatments in. I have used it religiously every third day and used the pump twice per day. I started noticing a difference after the third treatment. I am going to continue for the full 12 treatments because my erections are still at only about 90%. It is a bit expensive, but it sure beats the price of clinic visits and there’s no embarrassment doing it at home. Also, I don’t need the numbing gel. It is more sensitive at the base but nothing really painful.

Richard K

The Phoenix is proven and trusted by over 55,000 men who take advantage of this revolutionary technology. Recommended across the largest network of clinics in America. 

Get your Phoenix today and save $85 buy using our coupon code: OH365 at checkout at http://www.getmyphoenix.com/365

the phoenix ed device price

How Long Does The Phoenix Device Last?

Depending on your goals and current health profile, most men can expect to see noticeable improvement within 60 – 90 days of starting therapy, with continued improvement over time. The benefits of The Phoenix can last up to a year. I recommend doing a maintenance treatment (2-3 times0 once a year.

What Causes Venous leaks?

Venous leak is a type of erectile dysfunction. In order to keep and maintain an erection blood flow is needed. If the veins cannot keep blood in the penis during an erection you will lose it. This is what is known as venous leak. Men who suffer from diabetes are at risk for ED and venous leak.

Is Venous Leakage Curable?

Venous leaks can be treated. If you are experiencing vein leakages or other medical conditions, then you need to take a look at your symptoms. Doctors have found new ways to relieve vein leaks. Early diagnosis and treatment has shown a significant reduction for ED patients. Most doctors will prescribe Viagra or Cialis to treat venous leak. If you are looking for a medication free method check out The Phoenix and take their quiz to see if you are a good candidate for this treatment.

If you are interested check out The Phoenix today and use code OH365 to save $85 off.

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