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How Do You Use A Tens Unit To Induce Lactation?

If you are a new mom and having issues with breastfeeding your baby using a TENS unit is an effective therapy to induce lactation. TENS units are safe and a medication free method that can help if you are struggling to produce enough milk for your baby.

TENS Unit Placement To Induce Lactation

You will want to place two electrode pads above and below the nipple. Make sure they are one inch away from the nipple. Firmly attach the electrode pads and press against the breast and make sure all of the pad is touching skin. Make sure the TENS unit is turned off while attaching the electrode pads. Never place the electrode pad directly on the nipple.

TENS Unit Placement To Induce Lactation

Most TENS units come standard with square electrode pads that are 2 inches x 2 inches. If they are too big there are two options to look into.

  1. You can trim the electrode pads to the desired size by using a scissors. To learn how to do this click my article How to Trim Electrode Pads.
  2. Another option would be to purchase electrode pads that are smaller for the breast. Amazon offers many types. Here are some highly rated electrode pads that you can consider. These are 1 inch x 1 inch.

Can you Use a TENS Unit for Breast Pain?

A recent study from July 2021 found that high intensity TENS treatment effectively decreased pain in women who breastfed. To learn more about TENS unit settings and how they work click here.

How to Use a TENS Unit Safely?

Follow these simple tips to get the most out of TENS therapy treatment:

  • Clean the area of skin before applying the electrode pads. This will remove any excess oil or dirt on the skin which will allow better adhesion of the electrode pad
  • Always start off on the lowest setting. Slowly increase the intensity until you feel a gentle pulsating feeling. At no point should you feel pain during treatment. If this occurs lower the intensity level
  • Do not place the electrode pad on broken skin. After treatment you can apply lotion or moisturizer as the pad can dry out the skin
  • When first using the TENS unit make sure it is off while you are applying the electrode pads

To learn more about TENS unit settings and how they work click here.