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Can You Trim TENS Unit Pads?




Can You Trim TENS Unit Pads?

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When using a TENS unit sometimes you may want to target a small area of the body, such as a wrist or hand. The problem is the standard size electrode pad (2 inches x 2inches) is just too big. So can you trim a TENS unit pad?

Yes you can trim a TENS unit electrode pad but you must be very careful when cutting the pad to make sure you do not cut the TENS wire. If you cut the wire you will not be able to use the electrode pad. As you can see in the picture below you want to cut around the TENS pad wire.

You can trim the TENS pad to the desired size and it makes it perfect for targeting small areas. Here I cut the TENS pad so that I can place it on my finger

Here are some tips on getting the most uses out of your TENS pads:

1. First wash the area of the skin where the pads will be placed. You can use a mild soap and water before applying electrodes, just make sure that you rinse the soap off and dry skin to remove any moisture.
2. If the area for the electrode pads has hair you can use some scissors to remove excess hair. It is not necessary to shave the area where the pads will be placed. .
3. Sometimes a skin problem can happen from the “pulling stress” from the sticky adhesive that the pads have. This can happen when the pads are overly stretched across the skin during use. To avoid this, apply the pads from center outward; do not stretch the pads over the skin.
4. When it is time to the remove the pads, it is best to always remove by pulling in the direction of hair growth.
5. A good rule to follow is to NEVER apply pads over broken or irritated skin.
6.After removing you can put some skin lotion on the area where the pad was.

If you need to replace your TENS unit pads check out these high quality ones from iReliev. They are durable and last longer then the cheap Amazon ones. Click here to check them out.

Want to know where a TENS unit can be placed?  Check out my TENS placement guide here. Below are a few common TENS electrode pad placements:

Knee Pain

Neck Pain

Shoulder Pain

Tension Headaches

Golfer’s Elbow

Plantar Fasciitis

Rotator Cuff Pain

Restless Leg Syndrome

Ulnar Nerve Pain

TMJ Pain

TENS UnitWhy should you trust me?

I have extensively used TENS units for neck, shoulder, back and knee issues and became familiar with TENS therapy through countless visits to my chiropractor and physical therapist’s office. 

Many of my recommendations are from firsthand experience/use and hopefully my information can be a benefit to you.

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