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How to use an Acupuncture Pen for Wrist Pain

I’m always on the lookout for medication free ways to treat pain and recently discovered Acupuncture pens. As someone who suffers from wrist pain I have seen positive results from using this simple and affordable device.

Acupuncture Pen Placement for Wrist Pain

In order to use an acupuncture pen you need to locate the pressure points on your wrist. As you can see below there are two sets of pressure points on the front and back of your wrist:

Back of wrist
Front of wrist

Using the Acupuncture Pen

acupuncture pen wrist pain

It is pretty straightforward to use the acupuncture pen. Just turn on the device and when it lights up in red (as picutred above) you simply press it against the pressure point on the wrist.

You will feel a slight buzz on the wrist and should feel a twitch. Hold the pen against the pressure point for about a minute before moving onto the next point.

Acupuncture pens have been proven in studies to help relieve pain. Check out my article: Do Acupuncture Pens Work?

If you need an acupuncture pen they are really affordable. I purchased mine from Amazon here.

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