Do Acupuncture Pens Work?

I’m always looking at alternative drug free ways to manage pain and I came across a laser acupuncture pen and became interested in knowing do acupuncture pens really work?

What is an Acupuncture Pen?

An acupuncture pen is a small hand held device that allows you to stimulate key meridian points on your body to help heal and relieve aches and pain.  They are very portable.  Most are powered by batteries so no need to plug anything in or wires to deal with.

Acupuncture pens have also been referred to as percutaneous electrical nerve stimulation, or PENS, and many acupuncturists have found that it can be a useful tool that compliments traditional Chinese acupuncture treatments.

How Does an Acupuncture Pen Work?

The pen transmits electrical pulses and is similar to using acupuncture needles.  The difference between the pen and needles is that the pen therapy is stimulating an acupressure point without penetrating the skin.  An acupuncture pen uses no needles.

Laser Acupuncture Pen Effectiveness

So you now know what an acupuncture pen does but more importantly how effective is it at treating pain?

Here is a comprehensive study titled “Clinical Effectiveness of Laser Acupuncture: A Systematic Review” and it came to the following conclusion:

Evidence was found to support the use of laser acupuncture in the treatment of myofascial pain, postoperative nausea and vomiting and for the relief of chronic tension headache. Laser acupuncture would appear to represent an effective form of acupuncture for the management of these conditions and could be considered as a viable alternative to more traditional forms of acupuncture point stimulation.

The finding that jumped out to me was that it has shown to be effective in treating tension headaches.  Many people suffer from these and some severe enough where it is debilitating.  Being able to use an acupuncture pen that uses no medication and is safe is eye opening and should be considered as an option.

How to use an Acupuncture Pen for Wrist Pain

If you have wrist pain check out how to use your acupuncture pain to get quick relief here.

Where can I buy one?

Buy on Amazon

Amazon has a wide array of acupuncture pens.  If you are new to this type of therapy, no worries you do not have to spend several hundred dollars of money to see if it is right for you.  If you want to try one for yourself you can get a high quality acupuncture pen for less than $70 like this one here.

Benefits of using an acupuncture pen?

The primary benefit of using an acupuncture pen is to relieve and or reduce chronic pain.  Whether you are suffering from tension headaches, TMJ or other myofascial pain an acupuncture pen can help.

Are acupuncture pens safe?

Using an acupuncture pen is a safe method of pain management.  There are no side effects. Like any device use as directed.  Just follow the manufacture’s guidelines and there you will be fine.

Bottom Line

When it comes to looking to alternative, medication-free ways to treat chronic pain there is nothing wrong with trying new methods.  Everyone reacts differently to pain treatment and individual results can vary.  If you can find relief from your pain and can do so without the use of prescription/over the counter medications then at the end of the day that is all that matters.

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