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Are Massage Guns Good For Herniated Discs ? ( Is It Safe To Use On Your Spine)

  • July 18, 2022

Herniated discs are far more common than you might think. They are the result of improper posture, being overweight, lifting weights incorrectly in the gym, and many other factors. A herniated disc can be incredibly painful, so it is common to find ways that you can relieve that pain.

As you use the massage gun, it increases circulation in the tissue surround the disc while improving the flexibility and range of motion in your back. It is best to use the massage gun on both sides of the spine to lengthen the muscle tissue and increase circulation of blood to the disc.

Massage therapy, including using a massage gun, is one of the best things you can do to feel some relief from the pain of a herniated disc. It will not heal the disc, but it can be highly beneficial. 

Improving the circulation will give the discs the best chance of healing on their own. When you are in pain, you tend to become tight and don’t pay much attention to the area that hurts. When you massage near a herniated disc, your body starts to relax and promotes healing.

Can You Use A Massage Gun On A Spine?

It is not recommended to use a massage gun directly on your spine. Applying pressure to the spine can cause more damage and leave you in a worse position. You need to focus on massaging the muscles next to your spine instead of massaging your spine directly.

You shouldn’t use a massage gun on any bony part of your body. It will likely be really uncomfortable and painful, plus it won’t do anything good for you. It is best to just use it on muscles.

Think about when you get an actual massage. The masseuse will massage on the sides of your spine but will not put much pressure on your actual spine. This is because the pressure can cause more damage than good to your spine.

Are Massage Guns Good For Pinched Nerves?

Pinched nerves can be a massive pain. They are uncomfortable, but it is important to remember that a pinched nerve usually doesn’t come alone. You could have an issue with a disc in your spine, a fracture, bone spurs, and inflammation.

While pinched nerve will generally go away and you will feel relief in a few days, the pain can be unbearable while it is there. Using a massage gun is a great way to relieve this pain while you are experiencing it.

There are several benefits of using a massage gun on your pinched nerve. It reduces the tension you feel in your muscles, improves circulation, helps you relax, increases mobility of your joints, and decreases your recovery time. 

Massage guns use vibration therapy to provide you with the same results you would get from a regular massage. Vibration therapy is a pretty new technology that uses bursts of pressure to stimulate your muscles and body tissue. This can help work out pinched nerves and release muscle knots.

A massage gun will also help desensitize the area around your pinched nerve. This will help reduce the amount of pain you feel and relieve some of the pressure that is on your muscles while they are sore.

The best part about using a massage gun on a pinched nerve is that you can use it yourself and you won’t need to see a professional. You can easily target the one area that needs relief with different speed options.

Massage guns even have different settings for different problems. For example, there is myotherapy for pain in soft tissue, remedial massage for injuries that are physical, and therapeutic massage to help you relax.

This makes it easy to find the right setting for your pinched nerve. Each pinched nerve and each person is different. This means that something that worked for another pinched nerve might not work for a current one. It also means that what works for your friends might not work for you.

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Best Massage Gun For A Herniated Disc

Best Massage Gun For A Herniated Disc

This is the perfect massage gun for a herniated disc. It comes with multiple attachments that allow you to target the herniated disc.

It is one of the lightest massage guns on the market which allows for ease of use.

Best Massage gun for herniated disc

The iReliev Massage Gun is quieter than the Theragun and Hypervolt and weighs less than 1 pound. Another great feature is how long it lasts on a single charge.

Where Should You Not Use a Massage Gun?

While massage guns are safe to use, there are still some places that you should avoid using them to avoid making an issue worse. First, you should avoid using a massage gun on areas that are bony. This includes your spine, hands, feet, and collarbone. 

It is also recommended that you avoid using a massage gun on your joints, nerves, and tendons. This means avoid using it on your knees, elbows, and ankles. It is also best to avoid any areas that might have a scab or recent fracture.

You should also avoid using a massage gun on muscle injuries like a sprain or strain. This can irritate the strain and make your condition worse. It is best to follow the instruction of your doctor to treat your sprain.

Avoid using a massage gun on a bruise or an opened wound. The repeated vibration can enlarge your bruise and take longer to heal. If you use it on an open wound, you can push dirt and bacteria into the injury and can end up with an infection.

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Can a Massage Gun Make a Herniated Disc Worse?

If you do not use the massage gun properly, you do run a risk of making the herniated disc worse. If you use the massage gun on the wrong spot for even a second, you can further damage the disc or another part of your spine.

You need to be extremely cautious with where you place the massage gun. Remember, you need to keep it on the muscles on either side of your spine, but do not place it on your spine at all.

The most important thing to remember is you need to listen to your body. If you don’t think the massage gun is doing anything good for your herniated disc, then you can stop using it. If you notice the pain is getting worse when you use it, you should definitely stop using it.