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Can a Massage Gun Help Break Up Scar Tissue?




Can a Massage Gun Help Break Up Scar Tissue?

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Massage guns can be used for post-exercise muscle treatment and massaging scars after surgery or injury. Deep tissue massage can aid in the breakdown of scar tissue and treating the damaged region.

Mechanotransduction is the process by which mechanical massage stimulation triggers cellular responses, allowing scar structure remodeling to occur.

Continue reading to learn more about dissolving scar tissue and how to use a massage gun to break it up.

Should I Use a Massage Gun to Break Up Scar Tissue?

Scars are, unfortunately, an inevitable part of life. In the same way that we should care for our injuries, we should also care for our scars. The most typical method is to massage the afflicted region.

Physical therapists, for example, may frequently use this procedure following surgery or educate their patients on how to perform it themselves. The massage gun is a ground-breaking advancement in massage treatment that therapists and other professionals frequently utilize. 

How Do Massage Guns Work to Break Up Scar Tissue?

Massage guns are regularly used after exercises to heal fatigued muscles and help recovery. They are widely utilized by elite athletes and are accessible in physiotherapy clinics. Percussive treatment is used by these massage devices, which oscillate forward and backward, producing mechanical pressure that penetrates deep into the tissues.

Although the potential of this technology is revolutionary in terms of the impact it might have on your recovery routine, the underlying process by which it operates is fairly similar to that of a regular massage.

Massage guns can be used for post-exercise muscle treatment and for massaging scars after surgery or injury. Deep tissue massage can aid in the breakdown of scar tissue and treating the damaged region.

Stimulating your scar tissue by the method of mechanical massage stimulation is referred to as mechanotransduction. This enables cellular responses, hence facilitating scar structure remodeling.

Using a Massage Gun to Break Up Scar Tissue

You should use the massage gun the same way you would any other tool in order to begin breaking down your scar tissue.

Choose the head and speed on your massage gun that are most comfortable for you, then position the gadget in the desired location and let it do the work.

To learn more about massage gun attachments click here.

  • Circularly move the massage gun slowly around the affected area.
  • Trigger pointing is a great method to use with your massage gun to break down scar tissue.
  • Trigger pointing is applying a specified amount of pressure to trigger points.
  • Trigger points are neuromuscular sites that are located in the center of a muscle fiber. Neuromuscular points are present at the nerve and muscle junction and can be unpleasant when crushed. 
  • The amount of time that trigger points are under pressure might vary.

Scar tissue is broken down when applied pressure, resulting in a numbing feeling. When the numbing sensation comes, apply more pressure to penetrate deeper into the scar tissue. After the pressure is relieved, blood flow increases to heal injured tissues.

Will Massaging My Scar Tissue with a Massage Gun Hurt?

Although using a massage gun on scar tissue should not cause discomfort, keep in mind that this is a deep tissue therapy, and your scar may feel uncomfortable as it attempts to heal. Massage guns work by boosting blood flow and clearing away the lactic acid buildup.

Throughout the treatment, you may experience some discomfort as you focus on locations where adhesions or scar tissue exist. Pain isn’t always a good thing, and it doesn’t mean the massage will be beneficial. In fact, the pain might cause your body to stiffen up, making it harder to stimulate your scar tissue.

If you ever experience discomfort at any point during the massage, you should stop and always listen to your body. To prepare your scar for a more intense massage, you may alter the tempo, change the massage tip, and the amount of pressure you apply.

Who Should Not Use a Massage Gun on their Scar Tissue?

People with blood clots should avoid deep tissue percussive massage because they risk becoming dislodged. If you personally have a history of blood clots or are at risk of developing blood clots, you should seek medical advice first.

Want to know more about massage guns and blood clots? Click here.

It’s also worth noting that if you’ve recently undergone surgery, chemotherapy, or radiation, or if you have another medical condition, you should see your doctor before beginning percussion treatment.

Percussion treatment should not be used on bruises, inflamed or diseased skin, skin rashes, or open or unhealed wounds. If one is not attentive, massage might result in bruising.

What is a Scar?

When one gets injured, a scar is the body’s natural mechanism of mending and replacing skin that has been lost or torn. Scars are often made of fibrous tissue. 

Scars can occur for various causes, including infections, surgery, traumas, or tissue inflammation. Scars can form everywhere on the body, and their makeup varies. Scars can be flat, lumpy, sunken, or colourful. It might be uncomfortable or itch.

The ultimate appearance of a scar is determined by a variety of factors, including skin type, location on the body, wound direction, kind of damage, age of the individual with the scar, and nutritional health.

Are Scars Permanent?

Some collagen degrades at the location of the cut over time, reducing blood flow. The scar progressively gets smoother and softens. Although scars are permanent, they can disappear over two years. They’re unlikely to fade any farther after this point

What is Scar Tissue?

Scar tissue comprises thick, fibrous fibres that replace healthy tissues that have been injured. Healthy tissues may be damaged due to a cut, serious injury, or surgery. Scar tissue can occur as a consequence of internal tissue injury or as a result of illness.

Massage Techniques: How Do They Dissolve Scar Tissue?

Stretching, exercising, and massage are the most recommended strategies for reshaping scar tissue in a healthy way.
One might massage their scar to try to stimulate the healing process. Remember, however, to wait until the skin has completely healed before proceeding. The scar should be completely closed, with no scabbing or fluid outflow. Prematurely massaging a scar may cause it to reopen or rip.

Massage on scar tissue, also known as scar mobilization, is widely used, widely suggested, and well supported by professionals. Massage therapy is widely employed on scar tissue after surgery.

Are There Any Benefits to Massaging Your Scars?

There are several advantages to massaging your scar tissue. Massaging your scar tissue not only increases blood flow, but it also aids in the drainage of excess fluids and the reduction of inflammation.

Massaging your scar tissue can also help to release it. This implies that the scar will not adhere as tightly to the tissues underneath and around it. Using a massage gun on your scar tissue can also aid in the relief of pain, hypersensitivity, and itching.

Massaging your scar tissue may assist with the look of the scar if done appropriately over time. After surgery or damage, collagen cells cluster together in an unorganized form, and massages help realign the fibers.

Other Benefits of Using a Massage Gun

Fluids and tension are released inside the deep muscles during each massage with a massage gun, resulting in enhanced circulation as the blood and tissue cells exchange components that assist promote tissue metabolism.
The massage also improves the flow of nutrients and oxygen, resulting in increased blood circulation throughout the body.

Because of the sedative impact it has on the neurological system. It also helps to avoid with overtraining. 
Massage guns can prevent injuries by improving circulation. When your circulation improves, it can help to break down adhesions and increase the production of nutrients and fluids. This in turn may aid in faster tissue recovery.

Apart from relaxing muscles and relieving pain, massage guns have additional health advantages. Increased mobility, better sleep, and higher immunity are just a few of the benefits. It can also assist with melancholy and anxiety, fibromyalgia, digestive issues, and sleeplessness caused by stress.

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