Do Infrared Heating Pads Really Work?

If you use heating pads for pain relief and relaxation, you’ve probably seen ads online for a new type of heating pad, infrared heating pads. They look pretty impressive, but they’re more expensive than conventional heating pads. These ads may have left you with questions. Do infrared heating pads really work?

Yes, infrared heating pads really do work. These heating pads emit infrared rays that penetrate as deep as 5 cm into the body, safely warming tissues, muscles, and organs. They lower inflammation in the body and increase blood circulation. This unique depth in heat penetration provides pain relief for a maximum of 6 hours after using the infrared heating pad for just 30 minutes.

Infrared Heating Pads and How They Work

Infrared heating pads have stones woven within them that act as conductors of infrared heat. These stones are most commonly jade, amethyst, or tourmaline.

After plugging in your infrared heating pad and switching the controller on, it takes only a few minutes for the stones to soak up heat from the electricity. However, rather than releasing the heat as electric surface heat, the stones emit the heat as infrared rays with the capability of penetrating the body up to 5 cm.

Unlike electric heat, infrared rays are safe and will not burn your skin, nor the tissues and organs they penetrate beneath the surface. The infrared rays gently warm your skin and tissues in the safest and most soothing way. Infrared heating pads do not produce any UV radiation.

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Benefits of Using an Infrared Heating Pad

There are two main benefits of using an infrared heating pad: Achieving pain relief for potentially 6 hours without taking any medication and having the security of using a heating pad that won’t burn your skin.

However, there are some other benefits you may not have considered.

Infrared heating pads come in an array of sizes, and it’s easy to find one large enough to fit most of your body. Imagine laying your sore body on a large infrared heating pad the day after a brutal workout. Talk about relief and relaxation!

Pain relief is not the only benefit that infrared rays offer. They also boost blood circulation and stimulate healing in injured or damaged areas. If you’ve suffered an orthopedic injury, an infrared heating pad could work double-duty by relieving your pain and helping you heal your injury more quickly.

When recovering from a challenging workout or an injury, using an infrared heating pad regularly can also help improve your range of motion. Get back to your full range of motion more quickly by using infrared heat to aid in your recovery.

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Final Thoughts

Infrared heating pads aren’t just some new fad. They’re the real deal for pain relief and relaxation, and they work.

Infrared rays are one-hundred percent safe for human beings, so you don’t have to worry at all about them penetrating your body and warming your tissues and organs from within. You’re bringing technology into your home that’s so safe and gentle that hospitals use it in neonatal units.

In our final analysis, infrared heating pads are the heating pads of the future.