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How to Prevent an Allergic Reaction to TENS Pads




allergic reaction to tens pads

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If you use a TENS unit regularly you may experience an allergic reaction or rash to the skin. Allergic reactions can be common when using an electrode pad but they are preventable. If you purchased your TENS unit from Amazon it probably explains why you had an allergic reaction from the electrode pads. The reason this occurs is that the pads are made from cheap materials that are abrasive to your skin.

Best Electrode Pads For Sensitive Skin

Allergic Reaction to TENS Pads

I recommend buying electrode pads from a quality company such as iReliev. These pads are made with premium hydrogel and made in the USA. The pad itself is made from fabric allowing perfect adhesion to your skin. This will minimize the potential from experiencing an allergic reaction or rash.

Tips to Prevent Allergic Reaction

Follow these simple 3 tips to prevent allergic reaction or skin irritation when using your TENS unit:

  • Wash the skin with a cloth dampened with water to remove any oils or dirt. This will help create good adhesion to the skin and will minimize allergic reactions
  • When you are finished with your treatment session always place the electrode pad back on the square plastic to ensure that no dirt or dust accumulates. This will help the electrode pad and you can extend the life of the pad.
  • Apply lotion to your skin after each session. This will keep your skin hydrated. Using a TENS unit can dry out your skin which could contribute to a rash or an allergic reaction.

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How Many Times Can You Reuse TENS Pads?

Generally a pair of TENS electrode pads can last anywhere from 15-30 uses depending on how you store them. To get the most out of your TENS pads always place them back on the plastic square when your done with your treatment. This will prevent dirt from accumulating on the pad ensuring a longer lifespan.

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Keeping the pad clean will also allow adhesion to the skin. Once an electrode pad loses its stickiness its time to use a new pair. Having a poor seal to the skin can cause the TENS unit to not be efficient at reducing pain.

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Bottom Line

To wrap things up keep your skin clean before each use and properly store the TENS pads and you will greatly minimize any allergic reactions and skin irritations.

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