Ideal TENS Unit Placement For Restless Leg Syndrome

If every night is a constant battle to get a good night’s sleep then this article on TENS unit placement for restless leg syndrome may be of interest for you.  TENS therapy is a medication-free way of alleviating your restless leg syndrome.  No doctor’s prescription needed.

TENS electrode placement for Restless Leg Syndrome

TENS Unit placement for Restless Leg Syndrome

As you can see in the below picture you want to place the 2 pads on the back of the legs just above where your knee is. Place 2 pads above the back of your ankles just below the calf region. 

After the pads have been placed turn on the TENS unit and set it to the desired intensity level.

It will take some trial and error at first. Just keep in mind that if your muscles begin to twitch it is a sign that the setting is too high.

You want to feel a tingling sensation with minimal muscle contraction.  At no point should you feel pain while using a TENS unit. 

If this is the case TURN down the intensity level. 

Another placement that can help with RLS is by placing one electrode pad on the upper leg.

TENS placement for Restless leg syndrome

The placement of the pads for RLS is important.  Before placing the electrode pads make sure to clean the area first.  There are 2 reasons for this-

  1. You want to have the pads adhere to your skin in order for the electric stimulation to work
  2. The oils in your skin can breakdown the gel on the pad over time and it will shorten the lifespan of the electrode pads.

How High Should I Set My TENS Unit? click here to read what settings to use.

Want to know where else you can place a TENS unit for pain relief?  Check out my TENS Unit Placement Guide. It goes over where you can use a TENS unit safely and effectively to help with pain for.

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Best TEN Unit For RLS

tens unit restless leg syndrome

This is the exact TENS unit that I use. It is perfect for alleviating many common types of pain especially RLS. The TENS + EMS Pain Relief & Recovery System is a great little device and has a lot going for it. It is well under $90 and has several programs to choose from and is small enough to fit in your pocket. This is a well made device and beats the lesser quality Amazon TENS units hands down.

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Magnesium and Restless Legs

Magnesium for Restless leg syndrome
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Magnesium is a natural muscle relaxer and can definitely help with your restless legs and improve sleep.

It is safe to take with no side effects.

Studies show that more than 70% of the population has a deficiency in magnesium.

Make sure that when you buy magnesium supplements it is Magnesium L Threonate.  L Threonate has a high absorption rate compared to magnesium sulfate and glycinate.

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Magnesium for Restless leg syndrome
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If you are not a fan of taking supplements then try magnesium spray for restless legs and cramps.  It has a high absorption rate and can be applied directly to the legs. 

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What is Restless Leg Syndrome?

Restless leg syndrome (RLS) also referred to as Willis-Ekbom Disease, is a condition where you feel the impulse to move your legs.  This usually happens when you are sitting or asleep.

The feeling can be described as tingling, burning or aching sensation in the legs and sometimes pain or cramping occurs.  Sometimes just moving around can help temporarily.  For others who have a more serious case of RLS medication along with lifestyle changes are needed. Unfortunately, there is not a cure for restless leg syndrome so it  is vital to look into ways to manage and reduce the pain.

FAQ about TENS units

Can using a TENS unit cure my pain?
Unfortunately, using a TENS unit will not cure you of aches and pains but it will help reduce and alleviate the pain and allow you to function.

Is using a TENS unit safe?
As mentioned in the post, using a TENS unit is safe to use.  The great thing about it is that you can use it multiple times per day to help with managing pain.

Do I need a prescription from my doctor to purchase a TENS unit?
No prescription is needed. These devices are easily available online on sites such as Amazon or Ebay.

How far apart should the electrode pads be placed?
They should be a at least 1 inch apart on clean, dry, healthy skin.  It is important that the pads never touch or overlap.

How long do the electrode pads last?
Usually you can get a few months of use out of the pads depending on how often you clean them.  Before placing the pad on your skin make sure you clean the area to remove any excess dirt or oils

How do I clean the electrode pads?
Simply put a few drops of water on each pad.  This will remove the oil from your skin that can accumulate on the pad making it last longer.

How to store my TENS unit when not in use
If you have a unit that uses disposable batteries always remove them from the device when you will not be using it for long periods of time.

Wrap the wires around the TENS unit after each use.  This will keep the wires from getting tangled and ensure you get plenty of life out of them. Always store in a cool,dry location.

I hope that you are able to find relief from RLS by using TENS therapy and that it makes a difference in the quality of your life.